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Meals On Wheels of Goshen

Meals on Wheels provides dignity and independence through nutrition and socialization. 

If you or someone you love is in need of services, please call 574-533-9680 ext 203.

Three eligibility requirements to be a recipient:

  • Homebound or a nutrition risk (can not operate a vehicle)
  • Over the age of 60

No eligibility participant is turned away because of an inability to pay.  

On April 22nd, 2013, The View, (a publication of The Window) sat down with three Meals on Wheels recipients and asked about their experience. All have mobility issues, medical problems, and are homebound. While Marilyn “Joan” Reith and Lloyd Miller allowed us to use their name and picture, a third client, referred to as “Esther,” chose to tell her story anonymously.

The View: Why did you decide to receive home-delivered meals?

(I) was bedridden with no friends or family near.

:I had six falls in 2011 due to overmedication (sic)...In December of that year, I fell forward...I laid (there) 13 hours. My grandson found me, a stroke."

My wife was in a lift chair. Since I was working 5 or 6 days a week (caring for his wife alone) one meal a day was very helpful.
The View: What other options were available to you if you could not receive meals at your home?

(I) was not sure, might have had to stay in nursing home."

More runs to the grocery store and less attention to her care. She died (this) year.
The View: What do you hope to gain by receiving home delivered meals? 

: being able to stay in my home

My two daughters said I wasn't eating balanced meals, they are all working and will be for some time. This is my way of eating to feel better.

More variety of food, often ideas of food I can make. Someone checking on me regularly.
The View: Is there anything else you would like to let us know? 

: Thank you.

I appreciate this service so much. I eat every bite. Thank you and your volunteers.

I love and appreciate those ladies! (His volunteer delivery drivers)

Marilyn “Joan” Reith is a frugal shopper and creative heart. She plays piano and writes her own songs. Over the years she had collected many antiques, though she loves her knockoffs. “We bought that (one)  at Hobby Lobby, my daughter and I. But it looked like an antique so we got it!”


Lloyd Miller is a kind jokester who believes that he is lucky to be alive. A few weeks ago, Lloyd took a fall which landed him in the hospital. After being admitted for also having influenza A, he suffered a stroke. However, he recovered completely within two days. “The doctors say nobody can do that, but I did.”

Almost all of our recipients are on fixed income through Social Security and/ or disability. Each meal is valued at $7.10, which will continue to rise with inflation. Coupled with  the sequestrating of federal funds in March 2013, The Window is pinching every penny to ensure no eligible senior goes hungry.

Each recipient is asked to pay a portion of their meal. This "pledge" is individualized and dependent on how much income each Meals on Wheels recipient earns a month. For some, they are more than willing to pay for the whole cost. For others, they can only afford to give $5.00 a month because the rest must go towards their housing or prescriptions.

However, if no funding is found The Window will have no choice but to "stop the wheels" on this valuable community program.  

You can help.  We are looking for businesses, churches, service groups, or individuals who are willing to sponsor a senior who can not afford their meals. We were awarded NAP tax credits from IHCDA to be distributed to any individual who sponsors a senior. See their website for more information.

You can make a difference in the lives of others just like "Esther", Joan, and Lloyd. 

If your church or business is interested in Sponsoring, please call or email Scarlett.

Please see our Volunteer Page for Meals on Wheels' Volunteer opportunities